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Labladoryt - Zakład Kamieniarski

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to draw your attention to the products of our firm, which specialises in the production of granite gravestones with complex pattern-designing from quality granites with rare colour and structures coming from the all over the world, especially from India, Brazil, Sweden and Finland.

All goods are made of materials 6, 7 or more centimetres thick. We treat each gravestone individually and apply an effective finish, as well as give it a unique form. Before production, every gravestone is identified in respect of aesthetics and technical value. We have a catalogue of our gravestones available in our firm for all clients. We also possess projects of gravestones not yet completed, in the form of sketches made by our artist. In the manufacture of gravestones, we include not only the implementation of the clients’ individual ideas but also the production of the gravestones according to customers’ projects. In our range we also have gravestones made of quality granites with an economical finis

Customers set me the tasks of beautification of the burial place. By adding an individual as well as modern form to them, we create such beautiful gravestones that they can inspire emotion and remembrance in close relatives – even if only for a while